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A trial marketplace for commercial growers

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Trial products and services that fit your grow. Apply to trial campaigns and have products shipped directly to your facility to try out. If you like the product, get access to special influencer pricing direct to vendor.
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Today it’s less profitable to grow and sell your crop. Grow World gives you the tools to trim the fat and increase your margin. Gain access to special influencer pricing on products and services you already buy.
See how you stack up against your peers.
Cultivators in trial campaigns post their grow journal to the community. Access the community for insights on where you can improve your grow.
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We chose to be a part of Grow World because being connected with other global players in the industry is a key aspect of what we do, and Grow World offers this in a safe and secure manner, helping us create new opportunities and elevating the industry as a whole.

CEO of Mannta

Running and operating a large scale cultivation in California comes with many challenges. I am excited to be a founding member of Grow World to help solve those problems. I am most looking forward to connecting with my industry peers and finding talent to add to our team.

CEO of Alchemy 29 and Cultivo Inc.

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