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Take back the reins of your distribution destiny, join the pack.

Are you struggling to build direct relationships with commercial cultivators?

Growers prefer to learn from industry influencers and peers–not vendors.

You're unsure what customers and prospects actually think of your products.

Measuring ROI on traditional marketing is difficult.

The Solution

Direct-to-consumer acquisition engine powered by community

Strengthen relationships with growers

Our verified community of licensed growers keeps you in direct contact to better help them along their journey.

Generate sales through our trial marketplace and gain insights

Convert growers into trial leads. Enhance leads with first party data you won't find through traditional sales tools. Sign up for your pipeline today!

Promote your products and measure results

Place ads with the top influencers in the industry. Measure conversion of leads to trials, all the way to purchase orders. Finally be able to track your true Return on Ad Spend through your dashboard. Review our Ad Pricing.

Win back direct relationships with your customers.

Gain better access to cultivators.

Make informed product and supply chain decisions.

Increase transparency into your marketing and ad campaigns.

What our customers are saying

I just want to say thank you for doing this. I’ve executed/tried to execute several aspects of what you’re doing, but as individual initiatives. It never even crossed my mind to put all of it together like you’ve done. Trials, sample programs, influencer marketing, surveys, etc. Honestly, as a one woman marketing department, all of those initiatives are impossible to maintain with any measure of consistency on top of the rest of my task list. So, from one industry marketer/creative to another, sincerely, thank you to you and your team for creating this platform – and with such attention to detail. You’re getting ready to flip the industry on its head once again, and I AM HERE FOR IT! I cannot WAIT to take advantage of this! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Global Garden

There are many different types of lead generation available today. However, Grow World takes a refreshing approach to acquiring commercial clients through advertising we can actually track.

CEO of Iluminar